About us

Abby Jane Bakeshop was started by Abby Love, a Louisiana native and 12-year veteran of the restaurant and baking industry. The singular goal of Abby Jane is to make delicious baked goods from the heritage grains grown in Texas and milled in Dripping Springs. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the bakery is INSIDE OF the Barton Springs Mill facility—our incredible grain mill right in central Texas. In fact, a nine-foot window from the bakery into the mill means when you come to get your latte and morning bun, you can sip leisurely while watching the millers doing their hard work. (Seriously, they love it. Do it.)

Abby Jane offers a regular menu of breads, pastries, sandwiches, treats, and sweets made with all the heirloom grains we can get our hands on. Not only does our commitment to whole and healthy grains make our products easier on your tum-tum, we also give you the chance to pretend like your croissant is healthy! You’re welcome.