When are you gonna open?

We are hoping for a March 2020 opening, and look no one is more eager than we are so say a prayer and bear with us. 


Do you still offer baking classes?

Yes, but not right now. There will be a gap in Abby’s class offerings as she focuses on getting the bakery up and running, and she will primarily be teaching in Dripping Springs through Barton Springs Mill. Their new facility has a dedicated education space where all kinds of culinary classes will be taking place! Hop on over to BSM's Events & Classes page where you can find their class schedule. 


Do you make gluten-free products?

We do not make anything gluten free on purpose, though we do have a handful of products that are happily but accidentally GF naturally. That being said, we are committed to using ancient and heritage grains, whose genetic structure has not been processed, hybridized, or modified in the way that modern flour has. As a result it is much easier on the system than modern wheat. In addition, our flours are milled just a few yards from where the bread is made, in a stone-milling process that preserves the natural goodness of the grains. Many of our customers who experience gluten intolerance say they can enjoy our products without trouble! You can read more about our stance on gluten here.


Is (this grain I’m curious about) gluten free?

The gluten free grains and flours we use in the bakery are buckwheat, rice, corn, and mesquite. Our wheats, including the ancient varieties einkorn and emmer, as well as rye all contain gluten.  If you’re concerned about gluten sensitivity, see the answer to “Do you make gluten-free products?” or read more about gluten here.