Heritage Texas Grains

Did you know that wheat (among other grains) is like any other piece of produce you pick out at the grocery store? It grows in seasons. It comes in varieties. You can shop between different types! The white powder you buy on the grocery store shelf may have never compelled you to think in this way, but it’s true.

Think of it like an apple. You choose one for pie, one for apple sauce, another one to pack for your kids’ lunch. Wheat is no different. You choose one for sourdough breads, one for muffins, a different one for pasta. If you’re lucky, you have somewhere to peruse these choices. If you’re very lucky, you have organic choices. If you’re very, very lucky, you have a miller who contracts with farmers to grow heritage and heirloom wheats to make your flour.

Here in central Texas, we are very, very lucky.

Each week Barton Springs Mill mills thousands of pounds of flour and meal from various heirloom wheats, ryes, and corns grown right here in Texas.

BSM not only stone-mills the flour, they act as seedsmen—selecting the varieties and providing seed stock directly the farmers, who cultivate, harvest, and send the crops straight back to the mill.

The resulting flours are superb. They are milled on demand each week, ensuring the freshest product for chefs and bakers. They excel in flavor because the varieties are chosen for taste not volume or pesticide resistance. They have superior nutritional value owing to the simplicity of the stone milling process.

 Abby Jane’s products are designed to showcase all the wonders that come off our mill. Come in and see how great fresh flour can taste.